• Shuttering Plywood
  • Marine Grade Plywood
  • Chequered Floor Board
  • Calibrated Plywood

Film Faced Shuttering Plywood

It is engineered with durable hardwood veneers bonded with phenol formaldehyde resin with high solid content which is more resistant to alkaline condition generated during cement setting thus making it dimensionally stable hence number of repetitions achieved. High preservative chemical retention makes it ideal for long lasting service. It improves construction speed and reduces manpower requirements. It is the ideal framework material for precast, concrete moulds since it is free form dents. It is non-corrosive and imparts an even fine finish on the concrete surface. This plywood saves cost for the customer as it leaves no room for replastering.

  1. Available Range:
  2. 12mm - 22kg, 28kg, 36kg, 34kg, 36kg and 38kg
  3. 19mm - 42kg, 45kg, 50kg and 52kg
  4. 25mm - 65kg+

Marine Plywood

Marine Plywood is weather Proof Plywood. A specially formulated phenolic resin of rich solid content confirming to the standards of IS:848:1974 gives immense inner strength to this plywood. The manufacturing of Marine Plywood adheres to the quality standards of IS: 710. It can resist boiling water for more than 72 hours. Very high shear strength and anti-swelling characteristics of Marine Plywood makes it unique in humid, rough and extreme weather conditions.


Marine Plywood is extensively used in the construction, repair and maintenance of marine and river craft, Railways and Bus Coaches. Its strength makes it an ideal product for Truck Bodies, Container Flooring, Sign Board exposed to sun and rain, bathrooms and other high quality furniture.


Chequered Floor Board

Densified Chequered Floor Board is a unique product manufactured by using superior grade phenolic resin. It is medium density compreg plywood, which possesses excellent strength, durability and all weather resistance. It provides anti-skid, chequered surface, making it ideal for bus flooring.

Using our large boards can reduce the time and labour in laying bus and truck floors. It requires no pre/post treatment at the work-site thereby cutting down costs considerably. Easy cutting routing, screwing, grooving gives Densified Chequered Floor Board an edge over aluminium and steel floor boards. Densified Chequered Floor Boards are an ideal blend of low weight, high strength, and high resistance to abrasion and extreme.


Chequered Floor board is extensively used in bus and truck floors.

Calibrated Plywood

Calibrated Plywood is a special grade of plywood manufactured by two way pressing system. Assembled core veneers are pressed in hydraulic hot press and then sanded in imported state of art calibrated machine. After getting a uniform size panel, it is laminated with face veneer and again sanded with wide belt sander to get the perfect finish. With this process we are able to get a uniform thickness in plywood with a variation of +- 0.1mm.

Calibrated Plywood is ideal for the lamination of laminate. Calibrated Plywood helps in easy working on CNC machines.


Calibrated Plywood is used in Modular Furniture and Modular Kitchen industry.



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